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Provincial Bridge Information Management System (PBIMS)

Provincial Bridge Information Management System (PBIMS) for Motorable Local Roads Bridge Programme, Phase IV (MLRBP-IV) has been designed and developed to manage and disseminate the information of motorable local roads bridges of different phases of MLRBP. This is an integrated system with various modules to manage information of bridges at different stages for example under budget (Annual Programme), Under Walk over Survey, Under Design or Design Verification and Under Construction.

Provincial authorities (TID, IDOs), design consultant, contractors and LRBSU/PRBSU are responsible for use and update the information in the system.

The objectives to implement PBIMS are:

  • Management of information of provincial bridges under provincial plan and are under construction.
  • Track the process of bridge design verification and archive final version of approved bridge design documents.
  • Assist Provincial Government in monitoring, managing and decision making of provincial bridges.
  • Disseminate bridge information to various level of users through different reports and dash board.




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